five Steps to Advertising Higher Profit Margin Items & Services Using LED Signs

Today’s economy is tough. It really is. Businesses must find ways to make more money. The problem is you only have a certain number of hours each day to earn that money.foco led para cultivo So what you really need to figure out is how to squeeze more revenue into each day.

I am going to give you 5 quick, easy steps to doing that using LED Signs and LED Displays.

But first I am going to give you a few example to illustrate the thinking behind my recommendations.

Lets say you own a mechanic shop and you are currently doing a lot of engine rebuilds. These jobs take a long time to do and have a moderate profit margin. On the plus side you are swamped with the work.

No a bad situation but it could be better.

What if you could make just as much earnings from doing oil changes (or safety inspections, or radiator flushes, or whatever) in half the time it takes you to make the same amount of profit doing engine rebuilds? Suddenly you would be making the same amount of income (your gross sales might go down but your profits would stay the same and which is more important, how much you sell or how much you keep) but you would have more time to spend on other earnings producing jobs meaning you are making more profit in the same number of hours each day.

Here is another example. Let’s say you own a cafe. Your current clientele is mostly 45-60 years old. You have noticed that when college age kids come in they tend to spend more and tip better. On top of that they are funner to work with. Wouldn’t you like to be able to shift your client base to that younger crowd? Your cafe would make more per ticket and your servers would make more in tips which would help to reduce turn over. Better for everyone right?

Here is my five step quick and easy plan make that happen using LED Signs:

Figure out where you are currently making your money, which goods, services, or demographics are producing the bulk of your income
Calculate how much financial gain they make you on an hourly or per ticket basis
Figure out which of your solutions or services or demographic have the best financial gain per hour or ticket
Figure out which types of sales messages will sell or attract those products/services or customers
Put those sales messages on your LED Signs

That’s it! It’s really not rocket science, figure out where you can make the most money and push that financial gain center. Once you start advertising your preferred products and solutions and services to your preferred clientele you will start to see a shift towards sales of those products/services/demographic. Remember, when you are advertising to thousands of cars everyday using LED Signs, you will increase your sales of those products and solutions to your targeted audience. It is purely mathematical, “the more you tell, the more you sell.”